Welcome to the official website of the 56 Squadron Association.

No. 56 Squadron has a distinguished history, going back to its inception in 1916 with famous aces such as Captain Albert Ball and Major James McCudden, both Victory Cross recipients. This website seeks to honour that history, with a mission to provide the most comprehensive source of Squadron history available on the internet.  We seek to do this through a combination of extensive original material and comprehensive links to other websites covering the Squadron's history.

The website will also provide information on the current roles of the 56 Air Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Test and Evaluation Squadron, and information on upcoming association events, such as the Annual 56 Squadron Association Dinner.

If you are a former member of 56 Squadron, you are most welcome to join the Association.

Squadron Motto:

'Quid si coelum ruat' - 'What if heaven falls?'

Squadron Badge:

56 Sqn Badge
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Approved by King Edward VIII in July 1936, the phoenix was chosen to underline the Squadron's ability to reappear intact regardless of the odds.

Squadron Livery:

56 Sqn Livery

Originating in 1924, the red and white check pattern came streaking into the public eye when the Squadron was the RAF display team in 1963.