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Comments/Quotes from Operational Record Books
Jul 1937
May 1938
Gloster Gladiator Jul 37: "During this month the Squadron were re-equipped with GLADIATOR AIRCRAFT"; 14 Initial Equipment, 5 Immediate Reserve.
May 1936
Jul 1937
Gloster Gauntlet May: "the Re-equipment of the Squadron with GAUNTLET II AIRCRAFT - (MERCURY VIS ENGINES), commenced during the month of MAY."

23 May 36: "Gauntlet II - K.5290 - was crashed ... aircraft being on loan to R.A.F. Station Northolt, at time of crash."

1 Oct 36: "Aircraft establishment for the Squadron 14 Gauntlet II - Initial Equipment and 5 Gauntlet II - Immediate Reserve."

1 Jan 37: Aircraft on squadron - 18 Gauntlet II, 1 Hart(T).

17 Oct 1932
May 1936
Bristol Bulldog 17 Oct 32: "Re-equipment of Squadron with Bulldog IIA Aircraft commenced with the arrival of on aircraft from Henlow, collected by S/Ldr. G.E. Wilson."

Three more Bulldogs arrived on the 19th, four on the 20th and four on 25th, to complete "Initial Equipment".

17 Jan 33: "Bulldog (T) collected from Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton."

16 Feb 34: "Five aircraft were flown to Filton for modification - (wide track undercarriage and modifications connected therewith)."

25 Jun 34: "All aircraft were fitted with modified tail wheels by representatives of the Bristol Aerospace Coy."

22-31 Jul 34: "Special tests were carried out in connection with Bendix Brakes, in the presence of representatives from the Bristol Aerospace Coy., and Bendix Coy."

Sep 1927
Oct 1932
Armstrong Whitworth
Siskin IIIA
Sep 27: "The Squadron was no fully equipped with "Siskin IIIA" Aircraft."

Feb 31: "SiskinIIIA aircraft with increased incidence on lower plane were first introduced in the Squadron."

11 Mar 31: "Fitting of interceptor slots to one aircraft completed."; tested 13 Mar 31 by Sqn Ldr HV Rowley.

25 Mar 31: "Safety Control Column fitted and tested by Flight Lieutenant G.H. STAINFORTH A.F.C."

Oct 31: "Crash proof tank fitted to reserve aircraft J. 9890."

4 Oct 31: "10 Fairey-Reed metal airscrews fitted to aircraft."

3 Sep 1924
Sep 1927
Gloster Grebe 3 Sep 24: "Three Gloucester "GREBES" arrived from Cheltenham."

Nov 24: "The Squadron completely equipped with Gloucester "GREBES"."

1 Feb 1920
Nov 1924
Sopwith Snipe Inherited with renumbering of 80 Squadron to 56 Squadron.
13 Mar 1917
Feb 1919
Royal Aircraft Factory
7 Aug 1916
Apr 1917
Royal Aircraft Factory
  B.E.2c, B.E.2e and B.E.12
Curtiss Scout
Bristol Scout
Sopwith "two-seater"
First squadron airframe to arrive at the Squadron was the B.E.2c on 7 Aug 1916.  This and other aircraft came to the Squadron at various times during its preparation for deployment.

Information taken from raf.mod.uk website, National Archives and, with kind permission, the 56(R) Squadron archives.  UK Crown copyright.